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Cutting Edge Technology
APA Wireless Patent Pending YRO™ series of “yig replacement oscillators” are simply the widest band, lowest noise vco’s available anywhere. Covering over half a GHz of bandwidth, these fundamental mode devices offer 10dB lower phase noise than anything on the market. Operating over the full industrial temperature range, these vco’s offer outstanding phase noise, ultra low pulling and pushing, with high immunity to vibration and phase hits. Current technology offers frequencies through 4 GHz, with higher frequencies (through X-Band) available in the near future.
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Standard VCO Line
APA Wireless offers a diverse line of oscillators covering narrow band and octave bandwidths. Designed for a variety of applications, these units provide excellent phase noise and linearity with a range of package styles, supply voltages, and tuning sensitivities. Fully automated assembly and strict process controls ensure the highest level of quality and reliability, with complete characterization available for each part.
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Coaxial Resonator Based Oscillators
APA Wireless offers a full line of coaxial resonator based oscillators, with frequencies through 4GHz. Superb phase noise, low tuning sensitivity, low harmonics and a variety of package styles and supply voltages provide the designer with consistent performance.
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PLL Synthesizers
APA Wireless manufactures PLL’s from 50 MHz to 22GHz. These units come in a variety of packages, from small half-inch surface mount devices to mm-wave products with machined housings. Below is a sample of APA’s PLL product line.
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Non-Ceramic Stripline Filters
APA Wireless introduces a new line of surface mount bandpass filters for microwave and mmwave applications. Utilizing APA's expertise in mmwave EM Modeling, these filters can provide narrow or wide passbands, steep skirts (with good passband return loss) and no-tuning to assure batch-to-batch consistency, regardless of frequency. Package sizes from 0.3" square and up. Fused stripline circuit boards, which provides us with performance benefits at high frequencies. APA Wireless manufactures it's own microwave printed circuit boards using the latest RF materials on the market today. The filters do not need to be tuned, which eliminates the filter-tuning step in production test, along with the external tuning circuits or tuning screws required by conventional designs.
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